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MSc Thesis #9728

Title:A Knowledge Management Tool for Computer Narratives
Date:Sep 1997
Abstract:The knowledge management tool for computer narratives is an interactive system for non-linear reading of stories. the aim is to provide the user with a meaningful non-linear reading experience. Traditional notions of structure and meaning cannot be taken for granted anymore. It is believed here that they have to be replaced by other notions, and that this can be handled computationally. The alternative to traditional structure proposed here is to use causality in the story as the main framework of reference. The story has both a linear and a non-linear structure. The linear structure is the story as written by the author, where the text is divided in segments which follow each other in the familiar, temporal sequence. the non-linear structure, which is the real asset of the system, is based on causal relatedness between the segments of the story. The system presented here reflects on the causal relations provided with the story and infers new ones from them. The system runs a cycle where a segment of text appears with a list of options. The reader must select one option, which will in turn lead to one or more segments. Options represent causal relations between segments. The options are ranked in a certain order showing which are more likely to lead to segments that haven't been shown yet. The knowledge management tool for computer narratives offers a fluid non-linear reading experience. Meaning, coherence and structure in the reading experience are ensured by causal relatedness between the segments in the story.

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