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Division of Informatics
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MSc Thesis #9716

Title:Restricted Language for Describing Java Programs
Date: 1997
Abstract:This dissertation describes the development of a system, JAVA Generator fromSemantic Specifier (JGSS), which can accept and generate a pre-determined range of concepts expressed in the JAVA programming language. The system captures user specification of a desired JAVA program through its graphical user interface. It then stores this in an internal representation. Based on this internal representation, a translator of the system can convert this into a runnable JAVA program. the syntax of the internal representation is a specification of first order logic enriched with some object-oriented concepts, such as class, method and inheritance. By using the user friendly pull-down menus of the GUI provided by the system, a user with basic object-oriented knowledge can use the tool to produce runnable JAVA programs without knowing any JAVA programming syntax. Most of the fundamental concepts and constructs of a JAVA program, such as class, methods, constructor, package and parameters, are represented and processed by the system. Other important concepts such as muli-threading are left for future work, due to the time limitation of project.

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