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Division of Informatics
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MSc Thesis #9590

Title:Hybrid Tools for Intractable Problems: the Development of the who/Tb Integrated System
Date: 1995
Abstract:The role of data collection in the administration of large disease control projects can hardly be overstated, and the World Health Organization's (WHO) infectious and endemic disease control project in China is significantly compromised by a lack of adequate data monitoring and analysis. Three of the key difficulties in centrally administering and adjusting the WHO's recommendations for detection and treatment of tuberculosis in Asia have been an over-abundance of compiled but unanalyzed data, the unavailability of qualified professional staff, and the time lag involved in the data reaching the WHO's administrative offices in Geneva, Switzerland. The prototype system designed here seeks to address these three intractable difficulties by integrating a data-modelling or pyramiding device with an expert system capable of monitoring a collection site's results and issuing warnings when the data violates specific WHO guidelines. In this paper I describe the problem in detail, propose solutions, and discuss the final development of an intercommunicating hybrid system designed for this purpose.

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