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Division of Informatics
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MSc Thesis #9588

Title:Gaze Control with an Active Stereo Vision Head
Date: 1995
Abstract:Redirection of gaze in response to visual input is essential for active vision. This thesis describes the design, implementation and testing of a control system for a low cost stereo vision head. It details how the cameras, steered by off-the-shelf model aircraft servo motors, are controlled in order to reach velocities and accuracies as high as possible for gaze control. A reconfigurable network of general purpose parallel processors is used to provide suitable real time processing. Its software structure and hardware connections are considered. Performances of a feature detector and motor response are discussed. Since sensor and motor delays cause aggravating circumstances for the control mechanism it is explained how these problems have been solved. Finally the control system has to manage with inaccuracy and non-linearities. Therefore the suitability of an adaptive controller in the form of a neural network has been tested. The net is presented as an extended Kohonen net and its particularities for this implementation are addressed in this thesis. Different learning procedures have been tested and their results are discussed.

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