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Division of Informatics
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MSc Thesis #9578

Title:Intelligent Support for Planning Domain Knowledge Acquisition
Date: 1995
Abstract:One of the most important topics in Artificial Intelligence has been the way of translating descriptions of the real world into representation that can be manipulated by a computer that can be of help in the planning process. This thesis concerns some of the available techniques in Artificial Intelligence which can be used to identify the knowledge needed to create models of a planning domain. Using Project Management as a domain, this project makes an analogy between an approach for this domain and a generic planning domain described by Task Formalism statements of the O-Plan planner [Tate 94]. a model derived from this analogy was created. It helped to introduce Task Formalism concepts and to develop a prototype of a graphically oriented knowledge acquisition tool which allows the user to specify Task Formalism directly. This tool was implemented using Hardy. Two examples of a planning domain are described to show the facilities provided by this tool for helping the user to encode any planning domain. Implications of this work for both Project Management domain and generic planning domain are discussed.

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