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Division of Informatics
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MSc Thesis #9570

Title:Kle: a Kanji Learning Environment
Date: 1995
Abstract:This thesis describes a software learning environment we have developed for the study of the meaning and writing of Japanese characters (kanji). This we have called KLE, for Kanji Learning Environment. the learning method presented is based on an improved version of an approach given in Remembering the Kanji I, by J. Heisig [Heisig 77]. We have produced an instructional environment which allows the student to make their own decisions about how they want to study, but have provided sufficient support so that the system will supply default decisions if the student does not want responsibility for control. We have implemented facilities for the student to review the kanji they study. We have provided an underlying review hierarchy mechanism which spaces the review of kanji in increasingly infrequent intervals so that a large number of kanji can be studied and reviewed over a lengthy period of time. We have implemented different types of reviews and based some on problem features. We have implemented a self-diagnosis mechanism to help the student reflect on their study and to provide the basis for kanji reviews based on problem features and to give feedback to the student.

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