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Division of Informatics
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MSc Thesis #9560

Title:Investigating the Use of a Meta-Level Argumentation Framework as a Basis for Tutoring in Controversial Domains
Date: 1995
Abstract:This project takes advantage of an existing work on the meta-level argumentation framework [Haggith 95a] as knowledge representation of controversial domains in order to investigate teaching strategies that can be based on this approach. The result of the research was a prototype of an intelligent tutoring system called OLIA which supports multiple teaching strategies. In this framework statements are linked by primitive relations such as disagreement, equivalence and justification, and higher order meta-level ones such as counter-arguments and corroborations. The OLIA tutor can play the role of a coach giving guidance and help when it seems necessary according to its goals and tactics. The user can learn by exploring the links between propositions or alternatively, by asking for all the higher order objects of a proposition. The innovative aspect of this dissertation is the devil's advocate strategy which is a method for teaching through a debate between the user and the system. The meta-level argumentation framework enables the implementation of multiple teaching strategies in a tutoring system and facilitates learning a domain where conflicts exist.

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