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Division of Informatics
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MSc Thesis #9558

Title:Interpreting Transmission Error Function for Gear Diagnosis
Date: 1995
Abstract:The goal of this dissertation is the analysis of transmission error function from two meshed helical gears. our prime objective is the setup and development of the basics for the design and development of a software able to identify errors during the production and the machining of gears. We report a series of techniques we explored and considered to carry out this task. These are divided into two main types: Fourier spectrum analysis and angular domain analysis. We applied the two of them in conjunction to the task of the automatic identification of some types of manufacturing errors. The methodology and techniques we relied on as the basis to obtain our results were mainly taken from a few articles and technical reports available for this specific field. The final system we developed is able to identify a relevant range of errors and might be seen as basic work to be built upon for future investigations in the area.

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