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MSc Thesis #9526

Title:Evolutionary Divide and Conquer for the Set-Covering Problem
Authors:Gonzalez Hernandez,LF
Date: 1995
Abstract:Genetic Algorithms provide a weak search method that scales rather badly when used in their traditional form. On the other hand, the set covering problem, when used to solve real-world problems, presents an enormous search space for genetic algorithms. A method is presented, by which genetic material is maintained for a long time within the population to allow a greater portion of the search space to be covered in the hope of producing greater quality solutions. The problem is broken down into smaller subproblems for which a population of solutions is evolved. The quality of those solutions is then assessed depending on how well they fit in with solutions to other subproblems. we find that the method has merit and potential, and we discuss its sensitivity to various parameters.

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