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Division of Informatics
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MSc Thesis #9510

Title:Fault Trees for Logic Programs
Authors:Caraza Pancardo,L
Date: 1995
Abstract:The objective of this work has been to explore the extent to which the analytical techniques from fault trees can be applied to Horn Clause programs. Usually fault trees are constructed for hardware systems but there seems no technical reason why they should not be applied to software designs and, in particular, to logic programs. Such an analysis might be useful if we are interested in knowing the possible failures that might arise in the execution of logic programs. An analysis of the kind of faults that may arise in logic programs was made, as well as how they might arise in the execution of a logic program. A meta-interpreter was adapted to automatically generate these kind of faults in the execution of Prolog programs. From these faults it was possible to develop a fault tree for a given valid Prolog query. In this work some basic automatically constructed fault tree structures are presented showing the feasibility of applying the fault tree techniques to logic programs. These simple structures were constructed from Prolog programs and constitute the baseline for a more complex representation in further work.

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