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MSc Thesis #94145

Title:Incremental Semantic Interpretation in a Parallel, Modulas Environment
Date: 1994
Abstract:In response to a topical debate in computational linguistics, a system is presented which shows that modules operating asynchronously in parallel can achieve full incremental semantic interpretation of language. Abney, [Abney, 1989], argued that such a system could not be implemented with a parser that operated in a bottom-up manner. The system presented is based on a parser which operates in a bottom-up fashion, thereby showing that it is possible. The system reproduces certain behaviours that humans exhibit when reading certain types of English sentences. The behaviours that humans display are that of incurring an increased processing load when reading sentences which contain, for example, a reduced relative clause, over that incurred when reading suitable matched sentences which do not contain such. The grammar module produces partial trees and is, therefore, "only" strongly competent. Also, the semantics module can produce partial logical forms which allows a method of full incremental interpretation to some degree.

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