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MSc Thesis #94143

Title:Dispatch Scheduling Using Look-Ahead Bottleneck Analysis
Date: 1994
Abstract:This project revolved around job shop scheduling and in particular dispatch scheduling. the main aim was to see if improvements could be made on myopic methods of dispatch scheduling by the use of look-ahead bottleneck analysis. this has been found to be of use in opportunistic scheduling and it was felt that there was no reason why it could not help matters in dispatch mode. A lot of the work was based around a thesis by Norman Sadeh in which he uses bottleneck analysis to assist in what he calls micro-opportunistic scheduling. The results do show that the look-ahead analysis can show improvements on standard myopic methods of dispatch scheduling but unfortunately due to the limited time spent on the project it was not possible to delve into just how great the improvements can be. The project also reinforced the knowledge that when scheduling in dispatch mode, giving some sort of priority to the activity with shortest duration produces better results than not taking it into consideration. The other area looked at was the impact that slack and duration play when scheduling an activity, duration is the more important when due dates are tight but slack plays a greater role when due dates are easier to meet.

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