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MSc Thesis #94139

Title:Diagnosing Errors in Quantitative Electrical Circuit Problems
Date: 1994
Abstract:Most diagnostic systems have confined their diagnoses to errors from a single domain. In a real situation when solving a general problem that would require more than just the basic skills, errors could be committed in many domains. This project set out to examine the possibility of a diagnostic system that would be able to diagnose errors from different domains, using a mal-rule approach. A system was developed to solve simple electrical circuit problems. Problem space architecture is utilised to realise the system. The simulated tests show that the system is capable of diagnosing errors originating from the following three domains, namely the circuit analysis, the application of circuit laws, and the algebra. however, it also suggests that applying a mal-rule approach alone may not be sufficient for such diagnosis requirements. How much the diagnostic process can account for the real data needs further field testing.

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