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Division of Informatics
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MSc Thesis #94125

Title:A Debugging Environment for Cpl
Date: 1994
Abstract:This dissertation is concerned with the implementation of a source level debugging environment for CPL (a pseudo-concurrent semi-compiled language used to control autonomous mobile robots). CPL has been without a debugger since its implementation, and yet a debugger is probably more necessary when writing in CPL than in other languages. The debugger developed during the course of this project is a program running under GNU-Emacs which interfaces with the CPL Virtual Machine and provides a full set of debugging commands (stepping, running, breakpoints, data access, flow control) with a particularly simple user interface and clear display; and a C program which provides an X-Window simulation of robot hardware devices and also interfaces with the Virtual Machine. i shall discuss why a debugger is necessary, how it was planned and implemented, how it works at present and how it could be improved.

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