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MSc Thesis #94122

Title:The Interactive Vehicle Scheduling System
Date: 1994
Abstract:This dissertation describes a vehicle scheduling system that is concerned with the needs of the user. The system was built on the constraint satisfaction problem paradigm, a new and fresh approach to the vehicle scheduling problem. Although current vehicle schedulers are solving the scheduling problem, they seem to be too involved in the complexity and representation issues of scheduling. An important aspect of scheduling that is being ignored is whether the user is finding the schedules that are being produced suited to their needs. The goal is to produce schedules that meet user demands rather than schedules that merely solve a problem. In essence, a measure of quality in the schedules is required. The approach taken in this dissertation in producing schedules that are more aware of the user's requirements is by adding interaction to the scheduler. By allowing the user more involvement in the definition and selection of solutions to a problem, it is anticipated that better results will be produced by the scheduler. It was found that interaction provided a useful environment for customising schedules and delivered better quality schedules to the user. Using the system showed that the idea of interaction in vehicle scheduling system can work, although it will need to mature before it is ready for practical applications.

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