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MSc Thesis #94109

Title:Kbst: a Support Tool for Business Modeling in Bsdm
Date: 1994
Abstract:This dissertation describes a project which was carried out as part of an MSc course in Knowledge-Based Systems at the Department of Artificial Intelligence of the University of Edinburgh. A knowledge-based support tool for business modelling with IBM's Business System Development Method (BSDM) was built. The tool, KBST, is designed for use during and between BSDM workshops, where business and IT personnel of companies are developing business models. In this dissertation, a brief overview of BSDM is given and it is shown that the application development package HARDY, a hypertext diagramming tool produced by the Artificial Intelligence Applications Institute, provides a good platform for a BSDM support tool. It is also shown how case-based reasoning techniques can successfully be applied to implement a model analysis mechanism for BSDM.

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