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MSc Thesis #94106

Title:Tbpg - a Techniques-Based Program Generator
Date: 1994
Abstract:In this work we address program generation for simulation models in a restricted class of ecological domain. A first approach to deal with this problem, the EL Program Generation System was presented in [Robertson et al. 91]. That system produced a Prolog program by assembling modular predicate-level definitions obtained from a library of program schemata. The approach presented here is to use Prolog Programming Techniques as the element of program construction which acting in a clause-level, is expected to make the generation process more flexible and explicit. The resulting system, TBPG - A Technique-Based Program Generator, embodies the ideas developed through this dissertation. It is a two-level processing tool which uses a Techniques Editor to construct a Prolog predicate by using a techniques library, controlled by a Generation Control module which manages the generation process.

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