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Division of Informatics
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MSc Thesis #94105

Title:Recognition of Artifact in Computerised Cot Monitoring
Date: 1994
Abstract:Sick and premature newborn infants in neonatal intensive-care units are very fragile and are subsequently monitored continuously. During this time, the computerised cot monitoring system may have their threshold alarms triggered. many of the alarm signals are false however, with a large majority of these inappropriate alarms caused by events known as artifact. Artifact cause these monitoring systems to register data that does not represent the true clinical condition of the infants. This paper looks at the development of a knowledge-based program for the detection and identification of two types of artifact. The program was designed as a very simple and elegant rule-based system. It was successfully shown that such an approach could be used in the development of a full-scale artifact recognition system to reduce the number of false alarm signals during the monitoring of an infant in an intensive care unit.

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