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Division of Informatics
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MSc Thesis #94104

Title:Emergency! Intelligent Data Retrieval for Emergency Incident Support
Date: 1994
Abstract:The principal goal of the project described in this thesis is to use knowledge about the sort of data which is relevant in particular emergency contexts, and to use this representation to support context-sensitive data retrieval from an Emergency Support system. The Emergency Support system that this project is based on is X-ASSIST, a system developed by Implex Environmental Systems Ltd. This project's purpose was not to link up to the actual X-ASSIST's databases, but to provide all the knowledge level machinery needed to do this. The development of the system starts with the elicitation of knowledge about emergency incidents and especially about the contents of X-ASSIST's databases of resources and documents. The knowledge is then represented using frames and rules and a hybrid system is built. The knowledge base is used to query a user about the sort of emergency incident they require information about and retrieve the resources which are relevant to the current incident according to the users' answers. The interface used is based on a graphics-oriented environment. GM, the SICStus Prolog Graphics Manager is used, in order to integrate the system into the X Window environment. This project was a feasibility study of using context-sensitive search to improve the quality of user interaction with X-ASSIST during emergencies. It proved that the use of more intelligent data retrieval, can indeed improve the quality of the system.

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