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MSc Thesis #94102

Title:Recognition and Location of Ugaritic Character Stylus Strokes from Clay Tablet Images
Date: 1994
Abstract:Ugaritic is claimed to be the world's first alphabetic character set, and was written on clay tablets in a cuneiform script. It comprises 30 characters each of which consists of several wedge-shaped primitives. So far, several thousand tablets have been excavated and studied and finally the wish arose to have some tool to read the tablets automatically. The task of recognizing the characters in the images taken of the tablets can be split into two parts: the low-level stage to extract features from the images and the second step which uses the features to classify the characters. This project is concerned with the first part, the image preprocessing. The aim is to locate the character primitives in the image. this is achieved by correlating models of the primitives with the image data.

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