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Division of Informatics
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MSc Thesis #94101

Title:A General-Purpose Computational Procedure for Music Analysis
Date: 1994
Abstract:Taking as its base Greimas' theory on "Semeanalysis", as well as Seeger's theory on Music and Logic, a distributional method of analysis was created and implemented so that it is a "General-Purpose" one, meaning that it can accept any kind of user knowledge, given in the correct format, and produce the respective answer, working thus on a meta-level of music analysis. This follows closely not only the need in music analysis for diversity, but also for objectivity: An analysis can be criticised as "objective" according to the user-definable criteria. This process reveals how different parameters such as the choice of the piece of different searching algorithms can affect the result of a Music Analysis, and thus playing their part in what an "objective" analysis can be. As the work focuses on Music Analysis rather than music, the results would be considered as trivial for a musician; their significance lies in the study of music analysis rather than music.

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