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MSc Thesis #93135

Title:Cpa: a Case-Based Prolog Advisor
Date: 1993
Abstract:Problem solving in general often begin with recalling past episodes which are similar to the current situation. Hence, case-based reasoning is a general paradigm for reasoning from experience. Constructing a new program can be likened to a problem solving process where past solutions are adopted as a guide to solve the new problem. Prolog techniques editing is a general paradigm for formalising the common practices in Prolog. This is in recognition that there exist common constructs in Prolog programs that are used systematically by programmers which are independent of any particular algorithm or problem domain. This dissertation describes the Case-based Prolog Advisor (CPA) which provides assistance in constructing Prolog programs by using these contructs to describe a Prolog problem and thus, identify a previous program which is suitable as a structure on which the new program is built.

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