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MSc Thesis #93132

Title:A Kbs to Assist in Selecting an Expert System Building Tool
Date: 1993
Abstract:The factors important in choosing of an expert system building tool are detailed in this dissertation. These factors are then incorporated into a knowledge based system. This system assists the knowledge engineer in selecting a suitable tool. It is a hybrid frame/rule system written in Sicstus Prolog. A series of questions are posed to the user regarding the various features required. Each product is then evaluated with regard to the factors. Each factor has associated with it a positive or negative influence. These influences are then collected together. The resulting figure is the final product score, with the highest being chosen as the most suitable product. The KADS methodology was the guiding force behind the project. A number of new techniques emerging from the CommonKADS initiative were evaluated. The knowledge regarding the various expert systsm building tools and factors was obtained from staff at the Artificial Intelligence Applications Institute, brochures, and technical literature.

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