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MSc Thesis #93129

Title:Repair Strategies in English
Date: 1993
Abstract:In speech extragrammatical constructions are common. There is a lot of interest in how to properly interpret such utterances. here we model the production of a common class of extragrammatical utterances found in spoken language: self corrections. Self corrections manifest themselves in speech as disruptions to the flow of speech, or disfluencies. In the work described here a corpus of disfluencies is categorised into Change of Speech Act and Corrections. the Corrections are further analysed in terms of the syntactic relation between the words before and after the interruption to the flow of speech. The paper reviews three previously proposed rules regarding this relation. These rules specify the number of words from before the source of the trouble which a speaker may repeat so as to indicate the attachment site of the repair. These strategies are implemented in a program which is given as input the original utterance and an utterance which it is believed was intended. The program generates repairs and compares them to the recorded repair gathered from the HCRC Map Task Corpus. The coverage of each rule is compared and their relative merits are discussed.

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