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MSc Thesis #93125

Title:Cars Tracker
Date: 1993
Abstract:This report describes work done on rationalising a tracker system for toy cars, using Inmos transputers for the calculations. it follows on from the projects of two undergraduate students in 1992 [Millgan 92, Reilly 92], which was based on the overall goals of the CARS project described in [Hallam 90]. The latter aims to implement real-time control of radio-controlled cars using visual tracking and radio signal output in terms of signals for steering and speed. In this document, the CARS project is described briefly, followed by the role of the tracker system developed. The hardware 'infrastructure' of the project is then detailed, followed by discussion of the software used and that developed during the project. The remaining chapters are directed at problems encountered during development, limited evaluation of the tracker and overall discussion of its performance and problems, with some ideas for future development of the CARS system presented as Chapter 7.

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