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MSc Thesis #93124

Title:An Information Flow Modelling System
Date: 1993
Abstract:The modelling and simulation of concepts in science is one way scientists attempt to understand the world around us. This project deals with the modelling of a very specific nature, the modelling of information flow in an organisation. Communication is a very important activity for any organisation. The communication may take the form of a telephone conversation, a letter, a memo, a fascimile, etc. An Information Flow Model is a system which tries to model the temporal communication an organisation experiences. Unfortunately, any attempt to model all aspects of communication of any sizable organisation is an awesome task. A more realistic approach is to narrow the aspects of communication for the model, e.g., restrict the communication medium to that of documents only and model the flow solely within the organisation. The task of designing and implementing such a model in detail for a substantial organisation like the Department of Artificial Intelligence (DAI) at Edinburgh University (EU) within the stipulated 4-month project period is a near impossibility. Therefore we have chosen to limit the scope of the project to the modelling of a single undergraduate course: AI2. AI2IFM, the AI2 Information Flow Model represents the flow of documents within the AI2 Course. Instantiation of the model means that deadlines are specified for the temporal states of the documents. Once instantiated, knowledge from the model may be retrieved from the various tasks facilities implemented in the system.

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