The University of Edinburgh -
Division of Informatics
Forrest Hill & 80 South Bridge

MSc Thesis #93113

Title:Development and Maintenance of Large Formal Specifications Supported by Case-Based Reasoning
Date: 1993
Abstract:Producing formal specifications within a suitable logical framework has been used as a methodology for specifying systems with exceptionally high reliability requirements. There are substantial difficulties in scaling up the approach to complex real world specification tasks. Supporting the specificiation process with case-based reasoning offers some advantages, in particular: - By providing a case library which stores both the required behaviour of the system and its final representation, the connection between them is maintained. - Similar, previously successful modification/extension cases are identified and can be used and adapted to the current task. - We can test the modified specification by verifying that previously required behaviours are covered, and thus identify the parts affected by changes (a simulator and a theorem prover are implemented for this). The example domain is the specification of telecommunication network services. A decidable and deterministic temporal logic is defined and used as the representation. The system accepts input in the form of behavioural example - sketches, which are used to identify similar cases in the case library. A set of domain independent metrics based on a set theoretical approach and domain dependent global parameters used for fine-tuning are implemented.

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