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MSc Thesis #93112

Title:A Connectionist Architecture for Robust Reasoning
Date: 1993
Abstract:In a series of recent papers, Ron Sun has proposed an integrated framework in which rule-based capabilities are incorporated into a two-level, dual-representation connectionist network called CONSYDERR. The computational properties of this architecture are based on the notions of rule application and similarity matching aimed at giving an account for some patterns found in common sense reasoning. The purpose of this work is to recreate the fundamental qualitative behaviour of Sun's system in a working implentation, performing a rational reconstruction of CONSYDERR. A revision is made of the way the architecture combines symbolic/subsymbolic, localist/distributed, conceptual/subconceptual representation and computation. This is tested on a series of examples designed to reproduce some of the problematic issues of dealing with partial and uncertain information, similarity matching, rule application and inheritance, among others.

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