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MSc Thesis #93109

Title:Development of a Knowledge-Based System for Personal Financial Planning Guided by Pragmatic Kads
Date: 1993
Abstract:This thesis describes the development of a prototype knowledge-based system for personal financial planning. The prototype system assists a potential private investor in selecting a professionally balanced mixture of investment products that meets all the client's requirements with regard to the investment. Whereas the final system should be able to deal with both regular savings and one-off investments, the prototype only develops a portfolio for a one-off lump sum investment, assuming that the client's pension, insurance and mortgage have been arranged and that no other prior investments need to be taken into account. The development of the prototype is guided by the Pragmatic KADS methodology, a streamlined version of CommonKADS suitable to the development of small and medium-sized systems. The thesis therefore describes how Pragmatic KADS helps to guide and structure the development of the prototype. The development of the prototype showed that whereas the models that are developed as part of KADS knowledge analysis, which view knowledge from different viewpoints, contribute both to breaking down the complexity of the problem and to ensuring a comprehensive knowledge analysis, the top-down approach of KADS has the inherent danger of neglecting some of the low-level knowledge that may have an impact on the high-level problem-solving strategies. However, this problem can be easily solved by combining KADS with a modified version of the spiral approach to expert system development.

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