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MSc Thesis #93108

Title:Classification Based Language Generation in Turkish
Date: 1993
Abstract:This report describes a project whose goal is to generate text in Turkish from a uniform formalism for planning sentences, a Sentence Planning Language Expression (SPL). The grammar which generates the sentences uses classification to organize and manipulate the syntactic and semantic information in the SPL. The report has four basic topics. The first is the description of the techniques of classification programming as regards language generation; classification provides a novel way of performing the tasks of generation, and does so in a very natural way. The second theme is a discussion of basic Turkish syntactic and morphological concepts and how they can be implemented using classification. The third topic is a comparison of the specific classification system used, I1, with a rival system, DATR, as regards implementation of morphology. Finally, the report looks at how progress was made and points out lessons learned.

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