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Division of Informatics
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MSc Thesis #92157

Title:An Implementation of Pandora
Date: 1992
Abstract:Pandora is a new parallel logic programming language introduced by Reem Baghat. The main aim of Pandora is to combine the features of both committed-choice languages such as Parlog and of those that provide searching mechanisms for finding multiple solutions such as Prolog. Also Pandora provides a mechanism for recovering from deadlocks : situations that occur when one or more goals have been suspended execution. For the purpose of this thesis we implemented a Pandora compiler and a run-time support engine in Sicstus Prolog along with a determinacy checking algorithm that is essential for the computational mechanism of Pandora. Also we investigated ways of programming in Pandora constraint satisfaction problems utilising its deadlock handling mechanism and we compared the efficiency both of our implementations and of various methods for solving these problems. In this dissertation we explain the basic concepts and terminology of parallel logic programming, describe the Pandora language and present an account of our implementation and its use for solving Constraint Satisfaction Problems.

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