The University of Edinburgh -
Division of Informatics
Forrest Hill & 80 South Bridge

MSc Thesis #92154

Title:Investigation into the Feasibility of Using Explanation and Ill-Formed Parsing Techniques Within an Its for Deaf Children
Date: 1992
Abstract:This research brings together previous work in the areas of Psychology, Natural Language Processing and AI and Education; using this to design and implement an ITS to correct and explain errors in deaf children's written text. Agreement errors were chosen as a suitable starting point for this work and the explanation was to be user-oriented. It was important that the parsing technique used would retain the information needed for correction and explanation. The previous research suggested that this might be achieved through both constraint relaxation and chart parsing. These techniques had not been used together before and this paper suggests several solutions to the initial implementation problems encountered. The initial aims of the research were largely achieved and the evaluation of the system concentrated upon its expandability in terms of both error coverage and flexibility of explanation. The combination of the constraint relaxation and chart parsing techniques proved interesting and suggestions are made for future research in this area.

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