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MSc Thesis #92152

Title:Bugpress Tutor a System for Tutoring Teachers in the Skill of Debugging a Student'S Algebraic Errors
Date: 1992
Abstract:This MSC project is to develop a tool, BugPressTutor, designed to help teachers in the debugging of a student's solution to simple algebraic problems. The design of the system described is inspired by programs related to the teaching of diagnostic skills, namely Buggy in the domain of multi-column addition and subtraction and TPixie in the domain of algebra. This system uses BugPress for solving the algebraic equations. BugPress provides a set of bugs and imitates the problem solving steps of a student with an algebraic bug from the bug library. The user is tutored on distinguishing whether a student is an ideal or a buggy one and on identifying the single bug of a buggy student.

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