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MSc Thesis #92148

Title:A Rule Based Consistency Checker
Date: 1992
Abstract:Rule Based Expert Systems have been an elegant solution for computational problems that require large amounts of domain knowledge and inference procedures. However some concerns about how to manage, and maintain knowledge have been raised, specially because this kind of systems grow in an evolutionary manner. Indeed the lack of mechanisms which automatically verify knowledge has made the development of rule based systems difficult. Techniques for verifying, validating, and evaluating have been developed to ensure correct system performance: two examples are Nguyen's graphs approach and Lockhead's EVA architecture. This dissertation examines an automatic verification tool for Expert Systems developed in the CLIPS language. The tool, named Concor, was implemented in Prolog and is based on an improved version of Nguyen's Graph method. In addition to detecting all inconsistency and incompleteness errors that Nyguyen's method can expose, Concor also discovers Self Conflicting rules and chains.

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