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MSc Thesis #92145

Title:Representation and Use of Intent in the Engineering Design Process
Date: 1992
Abstract:A representation of engineering design intent was developed, and a number of applications which give support to the design process were identified. This work is based on a background of engineering design modelling, and some views from Mostow concerning the development of knowledge-based models of the design process were adopted. A formalism for representing design intent was proposed, taking certain aspects of the model for design and representation of intent proposed by Ganeshan et al. The representation includes three aspects of information about the design process: 1) information about the desired functionality, 2) information about the desired operational conditions of the design artifact, and 3) information about the desired abstraction level of the final specification. By extending the work of Banares-Alcantara et al on the KBDS design support system, and implementation of the design intent representation was carried out. Several uses for the representation were tested in a design example: 1) an abstraction of the design history, 2) semi-automatic validation of design alternatives through the use of equivalence relationships. The proposed formalism requires, however, further work to compare with more complex aspects of real situations, such as control of the design process.

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