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Division of Informatics
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MSc Thesis #92144

Title:The Kads Approach to the Design of Steel Structures
Date: 1992
Abstract:This thesis presents a small knowledge-based system for an engineering application: assessing the safety and stability of a proposed industrial building in accordance with the information contained in the British Standards. The system will be referred to throughout by the acronym KADESS, but a consideration of its full title - the KADS Approach to the Design of Steel Structures - serves to identify the two main areas of interest of the thesis: the first of these is KADS, a methodology for guiding the development of knowledge-based systems; the second, steel structures, refers to the portal frame buildings which comprise the subjects for assessment. The domain of portal frame assessment was initially approached by the Artificial Intelligence Applications Institute in 1990. In line with the development team's intentions, the completed system was limited in scope and served as little more than a demonstration model of the potential of KBS technology. The KADESS system is a rational reimplementation of the original project, encompassing various revisions and significant extensions. The KADS methodology, which views knowledge engineering essentially as a modelling process, has been used throughout all the major development phases of analysis, design and implementation.

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