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MSc Thesis #92128

Title:Extended Kamp Notation and Conceptual Structure
Date: 1992
Abstract:This project embodies an attempt to computationally examine aspects of the relationship between the Situation Theoretic Extended Kamp Notation (EKN) and Conceptual Structure. Specifically, a Prolog linear EKN notation is used (EKN PLN) along with an overview account of Conceptual Structure given in Sowa's book "Conceptual Structures: Information Processing in Mind and Machine". An implementation of Conceptual Structure is used to facilitate a conversion program that takes Conceptual Graphs and translates them into EKN PLN. Aspects of this translation are discussed and the results are used to investigate the relative generality and scope of the two different formalisms. Arguments supporting particular parts of the Conceptual Structure => EKN translation are discussed with respect to a comparative assessment of the two. Similarities are suggested that seem to warrant particular translational strategies in various areas. Attention is also given to some of the difficulties encountered when attempting the conversion from EKN PLN to Conceptual Structure. In addition to the conversion implementation, and EKN PLN Beta-reduction implementation is also discussed along with the role it plays in investigating the relationship between attitudes to abstraction in the two formalisms.

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