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Division of Informatics
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MSc Thesis #92127

Title:The Development of Vibration Sensors as Event Signature Sensors in Assembly
Date: 1992
Abstract:In order for a robot to interact reliably and flexibly in the world of uncertainties, suitable sensors which help the robot in carrying out the tasks are required. In an assembly task, which involves moving and fitting parts, one of the most important kinds of information for the robot is event signatures - information about something happening or changing. Although many sophisticated sensors are available, suitable sensors for assembly tasks are scarce, or require intensive computation to extract useful information from the sensory data received. In this project, two kinds of event signature sensors were developed using piezo electric PDVF films, which can be used to pick up vibrations. The sensors developed are clunk sensors and force sensors. Clunk sensors respond to the audible sound generated by contact in an assembly task, such as when the gripped part touches other objects. The force sensors developed in this project respond to the change of force applied to the sensor, rather than measuring the absolute force applied. These are used to stop the robot when the gripped part touches other object by detecting change of force onto the surface of the fingers, or are used to explore the location and orientation of the objects. These sensors were used dynamically in an assembly task performed by the Adept robot, which demonstrates the high applicability of the sensors for assembly tasks.

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