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MSc Thesis #92118

Title:A Decision Support Tool for Ecological Resource Managers
Date: 1992
Abstract:This M.Sc Project was drawn from the Indigenous Ecological Knowledge research programme, one of the research grants of the Department of Artificial Intelligence of The University of Edinburgh. Its major objective was to provide users with a tool for representing agroforestry systems at a management level and enabling simulations in order to observe the effects of certain management decisions on their behaviours. The approach used for designing this tool is based on qualitative modeling notions. An implementation of such techniques was carried out in a particular domain, that is the hill farming system maintained between the altitudes 300 - 2000 m in Nepal. This thesis presents the diverse tasks that were necessary for the completion of the model design, the basic notions and techniques on which the simulation processes are based, implementation issues and a discussion of the possible extensions to enhance the potential of such qualitative model-based simulations.

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