The University of Edinburgh -
Division of Informatics
Forrest Hill & 80 South Bridge

MSc Thesis #92108

Title:A Generic Semantic Graph Editor
Date: 1992
Abstract:When involved in the creative process of configuring objects or concepts during design, one often resorts to drawing graphs indicating which pieces are connected to or relate to others. Often an element of abstraction arises in that objects have certain properties by virtue of being a member of a higher level class or by being grouped within other objects. One further aspect is that the designed configuration should comply with given constraints, particularly topological constraints. Examples of such tasks include software design, organisational structuring, electrical design, LAN configuration and many more. This dissertation details the design of a computer based system within which such topologically constrained graphs can be created, manipulated by direct graphical manipulation and stored in a frame-based representation. An application specific set of object and/or concept classes is loaded into the graphical editor along with a set of topological constraints. These class libraries and constraint lattices comprise the meta-knowledge of the system and can also be maintained and edited graphically by the system. The system can therefore be used to build an application specific set of objects and constraints. Thereafter it can be used as an electronic drawing board to create complex, constrained configurations of instances of the object classes.

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