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MSc Thesis #92102

Title:The Role of Correlations in the Development of the Visual System
Date: 1992
Abstract:In this project a mathematical model of ocular dominance column development proposed by [Miller et al 89] was implemented. Miller assumes in his model that this development is driven by correlations involving two eyes' activity patterns. Miller only considers very simple forms of these correlations and it was assumed also that there are no correlations between the two eyes. The latter assumption has been proposed to be not biologically plausible [Dayan & Goodhill 92, Goodhill 91]. Recent theoretical analysis of Miller's model presented by [Dayan & Goodhill 92, Goodhill 91] suggests that by using more realistic correlations, a failure to simulate ocular dominance can be produced in Miller's model. In this project empirical exploration of the parameter space of the model is made. The results are analysed and compared in order to evaluate whether the empirical work supports these theoretical predictions.

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