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Discussion Paper #154

Title:Extracting Morphological Structures from Microscope Images of Nematodes Suitable for Classification - Thesis Proposal
Date:Dec 1994
Abstract:This proposal is concerned with developing techniques for extracting morphological structures from captured microscope images of nematodes at different stages of their life-cycle. Initially, methods will be developed for evaluating and guiding microscope set-up by the operator, in order to maximise the quality of captured images. Work will then concentrate on boundary segmentation and modelling of exterior nematode boundaries, explicitly considering the problem of overlap, and hence the quantitative measurement of sub-structure characteristics which show statistical variation between species. It is also intended to consider internal sub-structures, using the same boundary segmentation and modelling techniques developed for exterior boundaries. Thus, the overall aim is to extend the scope of the existing system for nematode-classification.

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