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Documents Authored by: Stephen Polyak

Please note that only papers and publications recorded in this departments database are shown here. An author may have many other papers and publications produced while working elsewhere which are not listed here. This page does not therefore represent a definitive list of this authors work.

Discussion Paper

DP187 1997 Discussion Paper Polyak,ST
Rich Plan Representations and Their Use

Research Paper

RP917 1998 Research Paper Polyak,ST
A Supply Chain Process Interoperability Demonstration Using the Process Interchange Format (PIF)
RP918 1998 Research Paper Polyak,ST; Gruninger,M; Lee,J; Menzel,C
Applying the Process Interchange Format (PIF) to a Supply Chain Process Interoperability Scenario
RP919 1998 Research Paper Polyak,ST
Applying Design Space Analysis to Planning
RP921 1998 Research Paper Tate,AB; Polyak,ST; Jarvis,P
TF Method: An Initial Framework for Modelling and Analysing Planning Domains
RP922 1998 Research Paper Polyak,ST; Tate,AB
Rationale in Planning: Causality, Dependencies and Decisions
RP930 1998 Research Paper Polyak,ST; Tate,AB
A Common Process Ontology for Process-Centred Organisations
RP931 1998 Research Paper Polyak,ST
A Common Process Methodology for Engineering Process Domains
RP932 1998 Research Paper Polyak,ST
Mapping Timepoint-Based Constraints into Interval Relationships
RP933 1998 Research Paper Polyak,ST
A Common Process Language

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