Chris Malcolm's homepages update history

04/10/2004 -- Change of status to retired, and visiting hon fellow. 21/8/2003 -- Change of address to JCMB.

20/1/2001 -- "Robots Won't Rule" pages/papers updated and re-organised under a heading page.

20/12/2000 -- Up to date publications list substituted for the official incomplete database.

8/11/2000 -- "Robots Won't Rule" moot issues pages/papers substantially updated.

22/4/2000 -- Substantial revision of "From Cogwheels to Cognition" paper.

1/6/99 -- Revision of "Knowledgeable Robot" paper for Royal Inst of Phil conf.

30/4/99 -- Revision of main pages to inlcude SSI headers and footers, revision of format of home page.

30/3/99 -- Creation of "who made the first computer?" document.

3/2/99 -- Update to "Robot's Won't Rule the World" page (draft paper).

30/10/98 -- set up transparent background images for navigation icons.

28/8/98 -- Updated notes on Hifi in miscellany.

14/7/98 -- Updated Sony SW100 page to include latest on the fragile hinge.

1/4/98 -- revise format of home page, add some useful external links.

21/3/98 -- "Knowledgeable Robot" draft paper added for comment.

5/3/98 -- Autosemantics (teleosemantics) draft paper for comment added.

1/3/98 -- Teaching updated with Assembly Robotics Notes.

21/1/98 -- Research Interests clarified

18/12/97 -- Tokyo overview paper added to Selected Publications.