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About the Consortium

This is an ambitious project, demanding a blend of different skills and expertise and requiring tight coordination between the components of different workpackages. We have limited the size of our consortium to three sites each of which has a leading international reputation in a subset of expertise required by the total project. They are:

  • Edinburgh: internationally acclaimed for its work on formal methods and on artificial intelligence; it is also well known for its contributions to safety analysis and design engineering processes;
  • Barcelona: recognised internationally for its ability to bridge the gap between theory and practice in areas such as uncertain reasoning, modularity machine learning and multi-agent systems.
  • Liverpool: provides one of the most eminent research groups in the world on multi-agent systems and their applications.

  • These partners give a solid technical foundation to our work and give access to applied problems through our established industrial contacts.


    The list of participants in the project comprises:

  • Carles Sierra web page email
  • Chris Walton web page email
  • David Robertson web page email
  • Don Sannella web page email
  • Jaime Agusti web page email
  • Jordi Sabater web page email
  • Mike Fourman web page email
  • Michael Wooldridge web page email
  • Pere Garcia web page email
  • Simon Parsons web page email
  • Steve Phelps web page email
  • Stuart Anderson web page email
  • Wamberto Vasconcelos web page email

  • 31 July 2002, W Vasconcelos