SSP Group Meeting
Wednesday, July 25th, 11am-12pm
Division of Informatics, 80 South Bridge, Room E17a


A Beginner's Guide to the Semantic Web

Virginia Brilhante and Wamberto Vasconcelos

The WWW is not yet a place where agents can carry out work on our behalf. Any attempt at automating web-browsing with agents (e.g. shopping for books, searching for web-sites of interest, taking part in electronic auctions, paying bills, etc.) stumble on the lack of semantics, i.e. formally defined meaning, of web pages. In this meeting we shall be looking at basic issues concerning attempts to bridge the semantic gap in the WWW, that is, the Semantic Web. We shall provide answers concerning what the semantic web is, why it is needed, how people are approaching the problem, who is doing work on the topic, when it started and what its state-of-art is. This is not strictly a presentation -- rather, it is an informal meeting where you are welcome to come and share your views and whatever knowledge you have in the topic.