SSP Group Meeting
February 25th, Wednesday, 11am-12pm
Department of Artificial Intelligence, 80 South Bridge, Room F13


Common Process Editing

Steve Polyak

This talk presents some ideas on the application of AI planning tools and techniques to process management and translation. These ideas build on past Edinburgh research (e.g. O-Plan, TF, TF Workstation, TF Method, I-N-OVA) as well as experience gained through involvement with standardization on shared plan and process languages (PIF, PSL, SPAR).

In this talk we will walk through a simple AI planning problem using the ontologically-underpinned Common Process Editor (CPE). We will also look at the prolog-based Common Process Assistant (CPA) which is currently used to check temporal relationships between CPE process activities. This analysis is based on Allen's transitivity table for intervals. Applications to manufacturing and business process management will be briefly discussed as well.

Sites for reference can be found in Steve's home page: