SSP Group Meeting
January 22nd, Wednesday, 2-3pm
Department of Artificial Intelligence, 80 South Bridge, Room F13


An ontology framework for the reuse of program analyses

Rolando S. Carrera-S.

Given the growing interest in program analysis (PA) there have been efforts to produce frameworks to ease their development. The approach we have chosen is to encourage their development through reuse of other PA's. In this talk an ontology describing a number of relevant issues of the reuse of PA's will be presented. Its aim is to deal with cases such as facilitating the prototyping of new analyses, and extending or enhancing existent PA's through ensuring the availability and access to results of previous PA's that otherwise would not be readily available.

It is also mentioned the application of the ontology as the cornerstone of PANE, a tool being developed to support the reuse of PA's, as well as the use of this work to provide PANE's clients with guidance as to the circumstances in which should be used. Thus paying attention to provide a principled analysis of the reuse problem at hand to use the tool soundly.

A paper about this talk is in ~rolando/thesis/