SSP Group Meeting
May 6th, Wednesday, 11am-12pm,
Department of Artificial Intelligence, 80 South Bridge, Room F13


Experiment: Evaluating a Requirements Elicitation System

Renaud Lecoeuche

What am I trying to do? I have been developing a program that carries out a dialogue about WWW pages. Using it you (hopefully) can enter some requirements and generate pages. This program can use different dialogue management strategies. I need your help in order to evaluate how good (or bad) these strategies are.

What will I do to you? I will just ask you to try entering the requirements for a particular site and then evaluate the dialogue (there is a small questionnaire to help you through that). Because the functionning system may sometimes be surprising (!), here is what I planned to help you use it:

There is no electric shocks involved but some of you may get very bad dialogues. This is done on purpose! Don't worry, try to get through as far as you can and give it a bad evaluation mark.

There is no preparation needed. I will present everything you have to know on Wednesday. If you are curious and want to have a look at the progam, you are very welcome to look at ~renaudl/programs/thesis/req.txt. I have deleted the part on the task I will ask you to perform so that you will get the surprise on Wednesday.

Thank you for your help!