SSP Group Meeting
Wednesday, Aug 23rd, 11am-12pm
Division of Informatics, 80 South Bridge, Room F13


Web Site Synthesis for Accident Reporting Applications

Joćo Cavalcanti

We want to explore different visualisations to the same application specification. In doing so, we can show that our approach to Web site design can help in adapting and maintaining sites more easily and rapidly.

Accident reporting could benefit from this approach as current Web sites basically make available reports as electronic versions of the text-based document. A few non-official Web sites provide basic search facilities. However, there are many different ways of exploiting the data available in these applications. For example, connections between different accidents could help in the understanding of common causes.

I will give an overview of Accident Reporting applications as they are currently published in Web sites. Then I will discuss one way of modelling the information content of these applications by means of a domain-specific language. We based our application modelling on the Web site of the UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch. Finally I will show how we can synthesise different visualisations for the same specification presented earlier.